Wedding Pashminas – The Ideal Bridesmaid Accessory


Accessorising a bridesmaids’ dress can be tricky, but for an easy and effortless look, choose a pashmina. No one wants to be left shivering on their friend’s big day, let alone the bridesmaids, but finding a way to keep the chill away, without ruining their look, can be hard.

Here’s why a pashmina is the best accessory a bridesmaid could wish for.

  1. An Elegant Finish

Bridesmaid dresses can sometimes need a last touch of sophistication to really set them off and nothing says understated glamour than a pashmina. Subtle enough not to overpower the bridesmaid dress, it’s the ideal accessory to give the bridal party a classic and elegant edge.

  1. The Perfect Accompaniment

A jacket or cardigan at a wedding can sometimes be impractical. Bridesmaids will often have duties to carry out, photos to pose for and might not always need something over their shoulders. There can be times where the bridal party is waiting around, though, and it’s those moments that a bridesmaid might need something to wrap around them just for a few minutes, making a pashmina a much more practical choice.

  1. A Classic Look

Pashminas are the perfect accessory to wear with a dress and have a more elegant and ethereal look than a jacket. They enhance an outfit rather than covering it up and are perfect at blending in with the bridal theme. Often bridesmaids don’t want to conceal their gorgeous dress below a top or jacket, but you can style the pashmina so that it covers as much – or as little – as you want.

  1. Comfortable and Stylish

Even if your wedding is on a warm summer’s day, there could well be a time when your bridesmaids might need something to keep them warm in the shade. A pashmina is ideal for this. Unlike a jacket or cardigan, a pashmina won’t overpower the outfit and you’ll still look sophisticated while feeling a little warmer.

  1. Transforming Summer to Winter

Most bridesmaid dresses are designed for Spring and Summer ceremonies, with bare shoulders and backs. If you’re planning on getting married in a colder season, this style might not suit your ceremony so it can limit the dress options.

This is where a pashmina can come in handy. An elegant pashmina, worn either as a full shawl, cape or elegantly resting on the bridesmaids’ elbow crease, can easily turn a Spring or Summer dress into a more seasonal look. For a winter wedding, you could go for a pashmina in a thicker, warmer material – giving you more choice about what dress you pick for your bridal party.

  1. Rain Save

Everyone knows rain on your wedding day can spell disaster, but with a pashmina at least you can stop it ruining your look if there is a downpour. It might not seem like an important issue in the weeks and months before the wedding, but after having hair and make-up professionally done, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined. It’s handy to have a pashmina double-up as a raincoat – just in case there is any showers.

  1. Last Minute Saves

While it’s all about the look, a versatile pashmina can also come in handy in case of any last minute mishaps. Not everything always runs to plan on your big day and broken zips or busted seams can be easily covered with a well-placed pashmina until you have time to deal with them later. Even food spills or dreaded wine stains can be covered by a pashmina.

  1. They Suit Everyone

It can be hard to find a bridesmaid’s dress that looks good on a large group of women – but there’s no need to worry about a pashmina. Not only do they suit most body shapes and sizes, there’s no chance they won’t fit on the wedding day.

  1. Day to Night

Weddings are usually an all-day affair and a pashmina is ideal to wear throughout the day. While a jacket or cardigan might have looked out of place, a chic pashmina will always look good – whether it’s during the ceremony, reception or heading home at the end of the night.

For an elegant finish to a bridesmaid’s look, there’s no better accessory to choose than a pashmina. Practical and easy to wear, they’re the hassle-free look that flatters every bridesmaid. More importantly, a pashmina can offer protection from the elements on the big day while still looking elegant. What more could a bridesmaid ask for?