The Pashmina Shawl – the ‘Must Have’ Accessory for Any Occasion


If there’s one accessory you should have in your wardrobe, it’s a pashmina. Regardless of your own personal style, a pashmina is a timeless look that adds a touch of class to any outfit and it’s so versatile you can wear it to almost any occasion.

A Timeless Classic

Nothing really compares to having a beautiful piece of fabric draped around your shoulders or gathered into an elegant knot around your neck, which is why a quality pashmina is such a go-to accessory. We all know how much looking good can be a confidence booster and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with fashion trends, but with a pashmina you have a go-to item that you know will always look make you look great.

Perfect for Any Event

Whether it’s a wedding, dinner or just a casual trip to the shops, you know it’s going to complement your look and can be worn with almost every other piece of clothing. A white shirt with jeans and a pashmina is an ideal casual outfit. Meanwhile, it can give a stylish dress or skirt the perfect finishing touch when hung around the shoulders.

Endless Style Options

The versatility of a pashminas and wraps surely makes it any woman’s best friend. If you need a shawl or a cape to keep a chill off your shoulders, it’s the perfect look. Why not style in a chic knot around your neck to brighten up a dull outfit? When you buy a pashmina you get endless wardrobe options, all with one beautiful piece of fabric.

Comfort and Style

It’s not just about fashion either. Despite being lightweight, the quality material retains an incredible amount of heat meaning it’s both practical and stylish at the same time.  Whether you’re heading out for an evening walk or accessorizing an outfit for a day-to-night event, you can always rely on a pashmina.

A Classic Look

Just like the little black dress, a pashmina will never go out of style. A timeless classic, it will look as fresh and fashionable coming out of your wardrobe after two weeks as it will after two years. It’s a style staple that you can always rely upon to give your look a glamorous finishing touch and regardless of what’s on the high street, with a pashmina – you will have no end of admirers.

Investment in Quality

While passing fads may come and go, investing in a pashmina means adding a style staple to your wardrobe that you can wear again and again. A go-to style for any occasion, it can be relied upon to reinvigorate old outfits that you may have condemned to the back of the wardrobe. There aren’t many accessories that you can keep wearing for decades, but a well-chosen pashmina can be relied upon for years.

More Than Just a Scarf

A pashmina is more than just a scarf or a wrap. While it’s known as a “pashmina”, this name actually refers to the fine thread the fabric is made from. An authentic pashmina is made from material that is produced in Kashmir, Nepal and Northern India, with the wool taken from only four specific breeds of mountain goat that live in the Himalayas. There, using ancient techniques, it is carefully handspun into the luxury material that is then used to create the fabric.

The quality fabric makes it an ideal piece of apparel to team with any look. While light and fine, a pashmina is also incredibly strong and retains a surprising amount of warmth, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to look good.

An Ancient Style

Pashminas originally comes from Kashmir where they have been worn for centuries. Usually reserved just for royalty or the elites, they became a status symbol in Eastern culture, especially in Nepal and neighbouring India, before being adopted into European fashion.

Don’t Fall for Fakes

While there are many fabrics that claim to share the same qualities as a pashmina, there really is no substitute for the real thing. Only a pashmina created using the traditional method can truly be considered authentic.

Why YorkShawls?

That’s why it is so important that, when choosing your pashmina, you use a reputable outlet.

At YorkShawls we pride ourselves on offering Fairtrade BAFTA-approved pashmina scarves that are handmade by skilled craftsmen using eco-friendly materials. We work closely with only the best suppliers in Northern India to ensure our pashmina scarves are of the highest standard and are 100% authentic.

The Ultimate Accessory?

If you’re going to splash out on one accessory, then it really should be a pashmina. The most reliable look in your wardrobe, the timeless classic isn’t just an afterthought – it’s a beautiful piece of apparel that will make you feel beautiful too.