How to Style Your Pashmina Scarf

There’s more than one way to wear a pashmina; in fact, it’s such a versatile accessory that you can try a different look every time you put it on. Whether it’s a complicated knot or a simple draped look, there’s a pashmina style to suit any occasion. Why not inject some imagination into the way you wear yours by experimenting with these different styles?

  1. Casual Draped Shawl

For an elegant and simple look, drape your pashmina casually around your shoulders, gathering the loose ends in the crease of your elbow. If you get too hot, let the rest of the material fall to your elbows too. This look is ideal for formal occasions or an event that goes from day to night when you may need to add a little extra warmth but still want to show off your outfit.

  1. Full Shawl Drape

Like the casual drape, hang your pashmina around your shoulders but this time completely cover your top half by taking one end and throwing it over the opposite shoulder. You can keep it in place by tucking the ends in or securing with a broche or pin.

  1. Artistic Knot

Fold your pashmina twice lengthways and once widthways to create a smaller rectangle of material. Now, loop around your neck and pass both ends of the pashmina through the loop. Either wear tightened around your neck or let it lie loosely on your chest, both a stylish addition to any outfit.

  1. The Knotted Shawl

This effortless look is ideal for a wedding or social occasion where you don’t want to wear a jacket and it is so simple to achieve. Drape your pashmina over your shoulders and bring the two edges together in a knot in the middle of your chest.

  1. The French Twist

The French Twist is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Like the Artistic Knot, simply fold your pashmina in half lengthways, twice, and then fold it in half widthways and loop it around your neck. This time though, take one end and tuck it through the loop before taking the other end over the top of the knot and tucking it through the loop the other way. The ends should fall on either side of your chest to create an intricate and stylish finishing touch to any ensemble.

  1. The Waterfall

Gather your pashmina and drape it around your neck. Take one end and loop it around your neck before taking the other end across your body and securely tucking it underneath the loop at the back of your neck. Spread the material across your chest to create a cascading effect, just like a waterfall. This look is perfect to add a pop of colour to a plain outfit such as a plain white shirt with jeans or dark-coloured suit.

  1. Wear as a Sarong

Your pashmina isn’t just for the top half. Turn it into a light and effortless summer accessory by wearing it as a sarong. Simply wrap the material around your waist and tie the ends together at the hips. Experiment with the style by gathering more or less material into the knot and tying it at the centre of your body or off on the side.

  1. Head Scarf

Add a glamorous touch to your ensemble with an elegant head scarf. Fold your pashmina in half lengthways before wrapping it around your head and tying it either in a knot on your forehead or at the nape of the neck. Try experimenting with the thickness of the scarf by folding it multiple times.

  1. A Colourful Belt

Dress up a skirt, jeans or dress by using your pashmina as a belt. Either use the full length of the pashmina or fold it in half before tying it around your waist and knotting it. Leave the ends to hang loosely or tie them around the waist again and tuck the ends into the material.

When it comes to styling your pashmina you can make it as simple or complicated as you want – some of the easiest looks can be the most elegant finishing touch to an outfit. It’s not just about the way you wear your pashmina either.

The various types of material, colours and patterns pashminas are available in can completely transform a look. A thick tartan style is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to an autumnal look while a thin, light pashmina is ideal for the summer months.